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4 Reasons You Can't Get Social Security Disability

If you have been injured at some point in your life and are unable to work, you may be eligible for filing for disability. This will allow you to receive a specific amount of money from the Social Security Administration (SSA) to help you pay your living expenses. However, it is possible to be turned down, and this will make you ineligible to receive this type of disability. Knowing some of the reasons you may be denied this assistance may be helpful to you.

Reason #1: Substance abuse caused your injury

If you have dealt with an addiction problem that caused the deterioration of your health and has left you unable to work, your disability claim may be denied.  Consuming too much alcohol or using illegal drugs excessively can decrease the chances of you being able to receive payment.

Reason #2:  You refuse to get proper medical treatment

When your doctor requests that you have certain medical procedures completed to help your injury heal, and you refuse to do so, this could prevent you from getting disability. It's critical for you to abide by your doctors' orders and take any and all of the necessary steps that could potentially heal you and have you back to work.

Reason #3: The SSA can't find you

If you fail to provide an accurate address where you will receive your mail, this could disqualify you from receiving payment. It's important when you're filling out the paperwork to give an accurate physical address so you will be able to receive your check.

Reason #4: You've been convicted of a crime

The SSA won't pay disability to an individual who has been convicted, and there are certain situations where this will apply and these are listed below:

1.  You've been convicted of a felony, and you're serving time in prison.

2.  Your injuries that caused your disability occurred while you were serving time in a state or federal prison.

3.  You were injured when you were in the act of convicting a felony and this prevents you from being able to work.

If you're seeking disability for a severe injury, you should be aware of what will disqualify you from getting this assistance. It's ideal to meet with a social security disability attorney to discuss how to be successful when filing a claim and the things that you need to do to ensure your disability won't be denied.