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Seeking Counsel on General Legal Matters

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Things To Prepare Prior To Meeting With A DUI Lawyer

A DUI lawyer is your best defense against a driving under the influence charge. Your future hangs in the balance so it's important seek these professional legal services as to have some chance of getting off or receiving a less severe punishment. Before you meet with a DUI lawyer though, there are some things you want to prepare.

A Detailed Breakdown of What Happened Prior to the Charge and During It

A DUI lawyer is only going to be helpful if you give them accurate details of what happened before you were charged and during the charge. You want to work these details out before ever seeing a DUI lawyer.

Then you can get the facts straight, create a meaningful timeline of the things you actually did, and give the attorney a better sense of which defense strategy to use. 

Your Own Defense

Before you start working with a DUI lawyer that puts together some sort of defense, you want to create your own. That will give you and the attorney foundation to work off of when you meet with them in person, whether it's a free consultation or you've already hired them to represent you in court.

Figure out what the best way to respond to this DUI charge is. If don't believe in the arresting officer's practices or there was clearly a mistake performed on their part, then seeking full exoneration may be a solid path. Whereas if you know you had been drinking the day you got pulled over, taking a more apologetic stance in your defense could work out better.

A List of Relevant Witnesses

Witnesses are instrumental resources for pleading a certain way after being charged with a DUI and subsequently working with an attorney to defend against it. If there are witnesses relevant to this charge, then make a list that you can then hand over to your attorney when you eventually meet with them officially.

Someone may have seen you at a bar or party and can verify you weren't drinking, or there might have been people in the car when you got pulled over by the police. People that had a clear perspective of your state prior to driving could help your DUI lawyer build a compelling case against the DUI charge.

DUI charges can be handled in a professional way when DUI lawyers are hired. If you prepare for the first meeting with one, you'll come in with plenty of insights to help the attorney work more efficiently. 

For more information, contact a DUI lawyer in your area.