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Seeking Counsel on General Legal Matters

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Going Through Divorce? Get Answers To The Following Questions First

When your spouse serves you with divorce papers, you need to brace yourself for the process. Remember that divorce entails many issues such as child custody, alimony, estate, and debt sharing, which can be pretty complicated.

Luckily, you can get through your divorce smoothly with a divorce lawyer by your side. Your lawyer will help you out through a series of questions the court will ask you. Below are some of these questions.

Do You Have Any Nuptial Agreements In Place?

Your lawyer needs to know whether there are any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements you made with your spouse for several reasons. Usually, prenups are done before the wedding, while postnups are done after the wedding. 

With these agreements, the judge can easily determine the division of things like property, income, and debts. But unfortunately, these documents do not outline child custody and support outcomes. 

Why Are You Divorcing?

Your reason for divorcing will help your divorce lawyer know which approach to take. Generally, a divorce can either be no-fault or fault. As the name implies, a no-fault divorce means there is no specific cause for the divorce. For example, it can occur when the partners grow distant and no longer feel compatible. 

On the other hand, a fault divorce means that one of the spouses has committed infidelity to spark the separation. In this case, your divorce lawyer has to gather all evidence to prove to the court why the divorce should be granted. 

Will You Need Spousal Support?

If you are not financially stable, you can apply for financial support from your partner, especially if the court grants you full custody of the children. Typically, the judge will ask your spouse to pay the money in lump-sum or partial amounts. 

Thus, it is important to let your lawyer know whether you need financial support or not. Then, they will advise whether your request is viable or not.

How Much Property and Debts Do You Have Together?

The court will ask about the properties you jointly own with your spouse. For that reason, you should have this information upfront and ensure your lawyer knows about it. Through the help of your lawyer, you can unearth all assets, including shares and bonds, pensions, and savings. 

Evidently, divorce is a too complicated process. But by getting answers to the above questions, your divorce lawyer will better understand your case. That way, they will prepare submissions that increase your chances of getting a fair outcome.