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Seeking Counsel on General Legal Matters

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Are You A Nurse Who's Been Charged With A DUI? Two Reasons To Contact A Nurse License Defense Attorney

Receiving a driving under the influence (DUI) charge or conviction is a serious offense for anybody. One or more people could have been severely injured if there was an accident and it's never okay to get behind the wheel when you're inebriated or otherwise compromised. However, the situation takes on a totally different hue when it happens to a nurse. Nurses are held to very high standards and when faced with a DUI case they stand to lose a lot. If you are a nurse who is fighting a DUI charge find out why you need to hire a nurse license defense attorney.

Losing Your License Could Cause A Devastating Blow

Becoming a nurse is a feat to be proud of. Not everyone can say they have the fortitude and mental strength necessary to study hard enough to pass such a stringent series of tests. The process can take several years to complete and when you put so much work into an endeavor, you definitely want to do everything you can to keep it.

Because nurses are there to save lives it should come as no surprise that if you receive a DUI your nursing license could be suspended or revoked. Along with all of the other punishments handed down by the judicial system, you'll also be faced with the possibility of losing the very license that allows you to earn a living. This is an extremely hard pill to swallow because when you've invested in your education and devoted yourself to a career you truly love, it can be tough to think about not being able to practice your craft again.

Let A Lawyer Help You Prepare Your Case

The best thing to do when you are dealing with a DUI is to get an attorney involved in the matter as quickly as possible. The legal professional needs time to prepare a defense that will hopefully lessen your penalties and retain your license. Nurse license defense attorneys use many different strategies to paint you in a favorable light. With their determination and persistence, you may be able to receive a lighter sentence that makes it possible for you to go back into nursing after a stated period of time.

Don't risk losing everything you've built up over the course of your life due to inaction. Call a nurse license defense attorney immediately to begin getting a roadmap that will lead to your success. For more information, contact a nurse license defense attorney near you.