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Seeking Counsel on General Legal Matters

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What To Know About Enforcing Child Support Payments

Child support is an important issue that comes up during a divorce. One parent is typically obligated to provide the other with child support to help with the cost of raising their child as the primary caretaker. However, it's possible that the parent responsible for paying child support may not comply with their legal obligation. Here is what you need to know about enforcing child support payments.

Wage Garnishment Can Be Enforced

If a parent is not fulfilling their obligation to pay child support, then it is possible for a judge to have the payments taken out of their paycheck. This is known as wage garnishment, and it is when the court orders an employer to withhold part of an employee's paycheck due to a judgment. The employer would send the money to their local agency that enforces child support payments, and then they would distribute the money to the other parent.

Assets Can Be Seized

It is also possible to seize assets from the non-paying parent so that the missed child support payments can be paid. This may be the case when the paying parent is not working and wage garnishment cannot happen, but they have money in a bank account that can be used to make the child support payments. Seizing assets is a very complicated matter, and will likely require the help of a lawyer to do so.

Licenses Can Be Revoked

Some states will punish a non-paying parent by revoking their licenses until they finally pay those missed child support payments. While it's very common for people to have a driver's license that can be revoked, there are also professional licenses that can be revoked as well. The hope is that the major disruption caused by a revoked license will force the non-paying parent to pay child support.

Criminal Charges Can Be Made

Persistently failing to make child support payments can potentially lead to criminal charges. It's possible for the non-paying parent to be fined or even face jail time. This is used in extreme situations, such as when a person is completely capable of paying child support and has intentionally decided not to do it. 

If you are struggling to receive the child support payments that you deserve, reach out to a child support attorney for their assistance. They can help guide you through the legal process to receive the payments that your child deserves.  

For more info, contact a local child support attorney