Seeking Counsel on General Legal Matters

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Seeking Counsel on General Legal Matters

Hello! My name is Marilyn Flynn. My husband and I have an attorney named Max. We are on a first name basis with Max because he’s our attorney that handles just about everything. I’m glad you stopped by my website. I hope to be able to explain why you and everyone should have a Max in your life. We didn’t understand the importance of having an attorney present for certain contracts; not until Max explained it to us. As our general attorney, Max has helped us to write and update our wills. He has put together our living wills, power of attorneys, and many other documents. As you age, you will find that you need to have your life in order. There will be new decisions to be made and some old documents that you may want to update. A trusted attorney is vital.

What To Do When Under Criminal Investigation

If you ever find yourself under a criminal investigation, note that your actions going forward after the discovery may influence the direction of the investigation. It may also affect your case in case you end up getting charged with a crime. Here are a few things you should do to ensure your actions don't worsen things: Find Out Exactly Why You Are Being Targeted If you genuinely don't know why you are being investigated, then one of your first moves should be to find out why the police are interested in you. Read More 

Beating An Attempted Burglary Charge When You Don’t Deserve It

Maybe you had a rough night of drinking and needed a place to sleep it off. Or maybe you simply thought you were at your home or the home of somebody else. Whatever the cause, you broke into somebody's home, slept on the floor, and got caught. And now they are attempting to set you up as an attempted burglary. Thankfully, you can avoid prison time with the help of an attorney. Read More